Here are some tools for development.

I’m not sure if this is useful. I usually write notes to myself outside of the repo.

Learning JSDoc

Documentation generator. Using JSDoc. To Install:

npm install -D jsdoc. 
-D means --save-dev.

Crash Course - First 8 minutes. ES2015 Modules - how to document a module.

Learning Parcel

had to install dependency with npm

npm install d3-delaunay

To run a server:

npx parcel .\src\pages\index.html

Clean dist folder:

It was difficult to get source maps working. My workaround was to remove inline javascript code from the html, which is probably good anyway.

Here’s an interesting sourcemap visualizer:


I had to get the babel package “@babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties” to get the codesandbox to work. This required a few changes, like adding a .babelrc and adding @babel/core as well. I only use babel for this, and I don’t yet use babel for transpiling from the command line.